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Daphne Jo is a teen rock artist from NY. She grew up in a very musical household and her family always encouraged her musical ambitions. She grew up listening to everything, from rock to pop to christian to country and this comes through in her vocals. She is also a natural born performer. She plays piano, guitar and is learning the violin.

The power, energy and passion behind rock music is what drew Daphne towards singing and performing rock. As Daphne says, "I love that you can feel the energy and passion of the performers in rock songs. It's easy for me to get into rock music because I can feel it. When I was growing up listening to music, I found that I wanted to do music that had the adrenaline that rock has. Through rock music, I can express myself and feel free to be who I am." Expressing herself and expressing her faith in her music is something very important for Daphne. With rock and christian female artists that she admires such as Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Lacey Sturm, Ariel Bloomer, Deena Jakoub, and others, she saw and heard that she could be the type of artist she wants to be.

Based on a combination of her image, talent, personality and ambition she was offered an Artist Development deal by World Conquest Management at age 14 and spent a year working on all it takes to be an artist. At the ripe age of 15 she was signed to World Conquest Records and began work on her music. The first of that music is the piano power ballad single "Magnifying Glass", released on December 30, 2016. With powerful lyrics and emotional vocals singing about self belief in the face of bullying, Daphne is already showcasing to the world that she will be a powerful and positive voice for her peers to hear.

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Daphne Jo - Magnifying Glass


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