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Born and raised in the Bronx, this Puerto Rican beauty was blessed to have extremely supportive parents who exposed her to music, especially Salsa, basically since birth. She remembers always dancing around the house and never feeling shy to show off in front of family members. As a child, her parents always took her along to local festivals and parades, further exposing her to music and entertainment. This would become the spark that lit the fire and passion with which Darlene would begin to pursue a career in music and entertainment in later life.

Her first entry into entertainment and in beginning to explore and develop her creative talents was at age 10, when she took dance lessons in the art of Plena dancing, a traditional Puerto Rican folkloric dance. She quickly mastered this dance. At age 14, she participated in her first beauty pageant and spontaneously decided to sing in public for the first time for the talent portion of the pageant. She placed 2nd in her first ever beauty pageant. Still at age 14, she auditioned for the Choir Academy of Harlem and was accepted. She then quickly joined the famous Girls Choir of Harlem Concert Choir with whom she performed throughout her High School years at such places as Alice Tully Hall, in Washington D.C., on Good Morning America, for Vogue magazine and at the World Famous Apollo Theater. During this time, at age 16, she also won the title of Miss Teen Puerto Rico for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade and appeared with her title on the spanish morning show Despierta America. She graduated at age 17 as Valedictorian of her Senior class. As a College freshman, she continued her musical evolution by joining a Latin Student Ensemble. Halfway through her first year with the ensemble, she became one of the lead singers of the group. During her 4 years in College, they performed at such venues as the Hartford Civic Center, the University of Hartford and Trinity College among other places and also including a performance with el gran Salsero Willie Colon. After graduating in 2002, she came back to NY and once again began performing at local festivals and venues.

With the release of her debut album "Simplemente Yo" and with strong female influences such as Celia Cruz, Olga Tañon, La Lupe, Brenda K. Starr, Shakira and J-Lo, Darlene hopes to present her own positive outlook on life and to help bring a unity among young people and Latinos through her music.


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Darlene - Simplemente Yo


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