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Mario M. (El Rockero) is a bilingual latin pop rock singer from NY. His 3rd latin album "El Camino Espiritual" (The Spiritual Walk) is his most personal album yet which is a feat in itself as Mario is known by his fans for his very emotional vocal and personal lyrical style. Once again having written every song as well as produced the album, this revealing and very personal album touches on themes of loss, relationships, love and hope all sung in Mario's inimitable emotional style.

This ambitious Bronx born bilingual Puerto Rican began his musical career at the age of 16 when he formed the bilingual dance / pop group "Fuego". Fuego's star shone brightly on the N.Y. scene for a few years with special performances and playing to audiences of all sizes all over N.Y. including shows as special guests at the Symphony Space Theater, Club Ipanema, the N.Y. Armory and Belmont Racetrack. The buzz created by Fuego culminated in a record contract offer and an appearance in NY's Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Fuego turned down the record offer, however, as group members were looking to do other things by that point. Mario went and formed another group, this time under the stage name of Vogue and being the leader, lead singer and main songwriter for a Hard Rock group named Vogue's Rogues. Vogue's Rogues was a different type of hard rock band as the lyrics that Mario wrote as Vogue were songs of hope, positive ideas and filled with social and environmental commentary. Formed in 1988, they put out a self produced EP in 1992 which received worldwide international acclaim in the hard rock underground scene. This acclaim along with VR's personal touch with their fans helped Vogue's Rogues to gain an international fan club and they were signed to World Conquest Records in 1995. Mario produced their debut album "Desecration of an Innocent World", which was released in January 1996 and received favorable responses from the press and fans world wide. It also received college airplay in the U.S. and their first single titled "Get a Life!" reached #3 in airplay in Europe on hard rock radio! A brief North East U.S. tour was done in promotion of the album. Due to a series of events, Vogue's Rogues the band, became Vogue's Rogues the solo act before being disbanded altogether.

Always admiring the music and careers of Latin male artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Chayanne, Cristian Castro, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, Mario decided to return to his roots and enter the world of Latin music again. This time as a solo artist under his given name of Mario. His debut album as a solo artist titled "De un corazón a otro" was released in 1999 and spotlighted his song-writing and lyric writing proficiency as he composed, arranged and programmed all the music contained on the CD, which incorporated pop and salsa with musica romantica. He also wrote all the lyrics. 3 songs off the album received good airplay in the U.S. and internationally. With the release of his 2nd latin album, Mario M. decided to bring more of his other roots into his music and incorporated rock and flamenco into his latino mix. His 2nd album titled "Rockero Soy" was released in May 2004 and once again spotlighted his song-writing and lyric writing proficiency, in addition to having produced the album.

After many delays due to many personal issues that Mario has endured through in recent years including the loss of his beloved mother in 2009, Mario finally released his 3rd solo bilingual album "El Camino Espiritual" (The Spiritual Walk). The new album further expands Mario's rock / pop latino mix of music, this time also incorporating piano and acoustic ballads along with Mario's emotional vocal style. It all results in a powerfully moving album. Although many years have passed in between albums, Mario kept building his close relationship with his fans which he warmly calls his Dreamers. "I call my fans my Dreamers because I have a song on my new album titled "Esperanzas de un nuevo dia" that is about hope and really represents what I'm all about. Since my fans are a major part of my journey, they are my dreamers". Mario and his Dreamers are ready for a new chapter in Mario's career and are ready to walk with him on "El Camino Espiritual".

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Mario M. - El Camino Espiritual


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