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Mario made the announcement on Jan. 9, '17 that he is back in the studio! He has begun the songwriting process for 2 new EPs to come out in 2017! Mario will be releasing album #4, a Latin rock/pop EP in the Fall and will be releasing album #5, a tropical Latin EP in the Winter. Stay tuned for lots of new music from Mario!!

Mario is the lead vocalist and founder of the Alternative rock / Christian rock band Society's Soul. The SS debut album was released on March 25, 2014. Go to the SS page on this site or to Society's Soul official site to learn more about SS and what Mario is doing right now.

Mario's 4th single off his album "El Camino Espiritual" is the title song "El Camino Espiritual" (the spritual walk). You can order it via digital download right off the home page on his official site. Go to his Youtube channel to see the lyric video for it!

Mario's 3rd single off his album "El Camino Espiritual" is the song "Esperanzas de un nuevo dia" (Hopes for a new day). You can order it via digital download right off the home page on his official site. Go to his Youtube channel to see the lyric video for it!

Mario is on Reverbnation! Visit his page to hear his music, see videos, comment/message him, ask him questions and more!
Show your support on Mario's Reverbnation page now!

You can see a lyric video from Mario on his Youtube channel for his single "Tu Voodoo"! Go to his channel now to see it!

You can hear Mario on his iHeartRadio station by putting in his name Mario M El Rockero. Enjoy his station!

Follow Mario on Instagram @mariomelrockero

Mario's 2nd single off his "El Camino Espiritual" album, the bilingual blues rock song titled "Tu Voodoo" was released for his fans on his Myspace page! You can also hear it on his official site.

You can see Mario’s music video for his first single “Que sera” on his YouTube channel! You can also go behind the scenes of the music video for "Que sera" on Mario's blog!

Mario has 2 NEW posters - "Deep gaze" & "Sky"! You can see them and buy them in our Artist Merchandise store.

Mario's first single off his new album, the song "Que Sera", was sent to radio throughout the U.S. and world-wide and received great airplay on radio, online radio and streams! It also received a very big response from Mario’s fans world-wide.

Mario's "El Camino Espiritual" album was officially released on September 30, '11. The album contains 13 brand new songs (which includes 1 english song and 1 bilingual song). The album's track listing can be viewed on Mario's Discography page. The album is available in our Artist Merchandise store.

Mario's "Que sera" CD single is available! The CD single contains a bonus track titled "Esperanzas de un nuevo día", also off Mario's "El Camino Espiritual" album. Mario included "Esperanzas de un nuevo dia" on the CD single as a bonus track because it's the song that gave rise to his calling his fans “his dreamers” and he wants all his dreamers to hear it as soon as possible. You can order the physical CD single (with bonus track) exclusively in our Artist Merchandise Store!

Mario's single and entire album are available for digital download! If you would like to buy the download of the single, some singles off the album or the entire album - go to Mario’s official site and you will be able to buy the digital download of the single/album right on the home page! “Que sera” and the album are also available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and many other download/streaming sites. Just search Mario M el rockero and you’ll find his music!

Visit Mario on his official site. Lots to see on the site including photos, music, his latest video, his personal bio, fan art, links to all his social networking sites and lots more. Make sure to sign up for his personal mailing list while there.

See Mario on YouTube! He’s posted videos on there of him talking to his fans and will soon be adding concert clips, events, news, announcements and more! Get to know him better and click the link to visit Mario's Youtube channel. If you have a Youtube account, show him your support by making sure to subscribe to his page, leave a friend request and leave a comment! Thanks!

Visit Mario’s Facebook fans page. Please be sure to go Mario’s Facebook page and show him your support on there by hitting the Like button! Mario likes to hear from his fans so make sure you leave plenty of comments on his page!

On Thanksgiving Day 2009, Mario unveiled a special project www.lightsofhumanity.net - a site that he created with the purpose of spotlighting organizations and people that are trying to make the world a brighter place with their positive works. Please take a moment to visit the site and show your support to the people and organizations found on there and help Mario spread the word on the site.

Mario's 2nd album "Rockero Soy", along with his debut latin album titled "De un corazon a otro", can be ordered by visiting our Artist Merchandise Store. "Rockero Soy" is a fusion of 14 latin pop / dance / salsa and rock songs which includes 2 bilingual songs and 4 english songs.

Mario's single off of "Rockero Soy" titled "No es pecado" was heard on over 300 latin radio stations in the U.S.

The first single released off Mario's debut latin album titled "De un corazón a otro" was the ballad titled "Enamorado de ti". It received airplay on spanish radio in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain and Argentina! A second song "Besame", was hand-picked as a hot single by radio stations across the U.S. and received a good amount of airplay. It is still getting lots of online streams today, along with another song off the album, the pop salsa song "El Jibarito"! Another song "Siempre te amare", was a big hit in Chile! Recent news from Chile has let us know that this song is still getting great airplay in Chile today! We wish to extend our deepest thanks to all of Mario's fans in Chile who are still requesting the song on radio and to all the DJs and radio stations in Chile playing Mario's song!! Another song off of Mario's debut album titled "A mi ritmo" has gotten some good airplay in the country of Kazakhstan! Yet another song off of Mario’s debut album – “El Jibarito” is getting good radio airplay in Uruguay! Mario's music keeps reaching all over the world!

You can hear some songs off Mario's 3 latin albums by visiting his Official site.

If you want to follow Mario even more closely, you can learn more about Mario by following him on Twitter. He updates his twitter daily with comments on his daily thoughts and activities.

Mario has been getting praise and compliments on his music, voice and lyrics by e-mail from all parts of the world! Mario is well known for answering his fan mail personally. He loves to hear from his fans so keep the e-mail and fan mail coming!

Besides being able to buy Mario's physical albums through our website, "De Un Corazon a Otro" and "Rockero Soy" can also be found and bought in the following popular online stores!

Amazon.com, CDBaby

The albums "De Un Corazon a Otro" and "El Camino Espiritual" and its songs can be found and bought/downloaded at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and many more online download/streaming sites.

This page was updated on 9/5/17
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Mario M. - El Camino Espiritual


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