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"Vogue" = trend "Rogue" = rebel.

It should come as no surprise that when speaking of Vogue's Rogues, you have an act with the conviction to follow its own path. An act that creates its own trend, not just follows the current one. An act that is not afraid to take the lyrical high road. Besides the typical songs of lust, love and heartbreak, VR also is not afraid to take a stand on the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today. Even though the subject matter may be bleak in songs such as these, they are always presented with a positive and optimistic outlook which captures the essence of what this act is about. VR approaches its songs with musical aggressiveness and lyrical pleas to reform not conform. VR takes great pride in its approach and their slogan "Lyrics that make you think, music that rocks your soul". Their aggressive yet positive approach made Vogue's Rogues a very unique act.

The band was conceptualized in 1986 by outspoken founder and vocalist Vogue. Formal band auditions for his Rogues did not begin until 1988. At that time he put together what was to be one of many different line-ups. These line-ups were spoiled by the usual culprits: less than dedicated musicians, bad apples, egos and rock star attitudes, of which Vogue wanted no part of and felt were wrong for his vision of the band. His quest for the right chemistry in a line-up was achieved in 1992 when he found what he was looking for.

This line-up consisted of Vogue on vocals, the awesome percussive talents of Doc on drums, the wonderfully flamboyant and multi-talented CC Stone on bass, and a guitarist who unfortunately left the band due to personal reasons.

They headed into the studio to work on a demo EP of 6 songs titled "Who's Laughing Now?". It was released in December of '92 to positive reviews, airplay and an enthusiastic response from their International fan base. At that time, they were voted onto a Top 5 position in a reader's poll of favorite unsigned bands in a Florida based fanzine. The 6 songs contained on the EP covered the gamut of emotions and only began to scratch the surface of what the Vogue's Rogues monster was about and capable of.

This success led to VR signing with the N.Y. based independent label "World Conquest Records" in 1995. VR released its debut album in late 1995 titled "Desecration of an Innocent World", with original line-up members Vogue on vocals/keys and Doc on drums, it also introduced the artistic stylings of Dermot Davies on guitar, and a bassist was hired for the recording. C.C. Stone had been released from the band in 1994 in an amicable parting of ways due to personal reasons but he re-joined the band and replaced the departed Dermot Davies on guitar for VR's brief '97 tour in support of the album. Vogue's Rogues first single off the debut album, titled "Get a life!" received good airplay on hard rock and college radio nation-wide. It also hit #10 on hard rock radio in the European country of Slovenia and hit #3 on the Euro-wide Radio Marabu Network. A tour dubbed the "Innocent World" tour stormed through the NorthEast U.S. in early '97.

Through the strength of Vogue's Rogues music / lyrics and his personality, frontman Vogue garnered quite a reputation amid his legion of fans. A reputation, not only of an artist that has something important to say but also, just as importantly, as an artist that cares about each and every fan. Vogue's Rogues has an established Official International Fan Club, known affectionately as Vogue's Trendsetters, which has a world-wide membership. Vogue's Trendsetters was officially registered alongside other well known fan clubs through the National Association of Fan Clubs. Amazingly, Vogue keeps in personal touch with each and every one of the trendsetters. The trendsetters receive a bi-monthly newsletter titled the VT News which informs them of every move VR makes.

The trendsetters get to see Vogue as an artist who is not concerned with the typical rock 'n roll lifestyle but instead as an individual who has something to say about social and environmental issues. Vogue doesn't just talk the talk, he also walks the walk, as he is involved with several charities. Vogue takes great pride in his special relationship with his fans. It has become and remains one of the hallmarks of Vogue's Rogues.

Bands go through evolutions musically and personally as time goes on and Vogue's Rogues is no different. Thus Vogue's Rogues "the band" became Vogue's Rogues "the act", focusing solely on Vogue as a singer/songwriter.

Vogue took a long hiatus and detour from Vogue's Rogues to record and release 3 latin pop / rock albums under his real name Mario (more info on Mario & his albums can be found on our website). He had been working on a new VR release but as he was working on the album he saw that it was totally unlike anything he had ever done with VR so he chose to not put out this new album as a VR record and instead bring the VR chapter in his life to an end. He has formed a new band named SOCIETY'S SOUL and will put out the new album under that name. Vogue will continue to look proudly to VR as his past vehicle and Society's Soul as his future vehicle to deliver his socio-environmental messages.

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Vogue's Rogues -
Desecration of an Innocent World


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